REMIS · Help

REMIS is case insensitive.

The input field of the REMIS search mask allows the following types of search expressions:

full text search for regexp in the REMIS database.
Example   geometry.

output data for which regexp has been explicitly stored in the field keyword.
Example   domain:integer.

Multiple search expressions
are separated by spaces. By default, output data matching all the expressions.
Example   geometry year:1998

The empty search
outputs the entire REMIS database.

More on Keywords

Use the unique fileid for quickly reaccessing examples or papers at future visits.
Example    fileid:DSW:96
Example    fileid:dsw96_ex01

Use the example keyword for identifying all papers referring some example, which is identified by its fileid.
Example    example:dsw96_ex01

Papers and examples can be filtered by their REDLOG context.
Example    context:dcfsf

BibTeX keys
are available as keywords for papers.
Example    author:weispfenning

There is a list of all used keywords available.