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rlatml – multiplicity list of atomic formulas

Calling Sequence

rlatml \((\,\varphi\,)\)


\(\varphi\) first-order formula


\(\{\dots,\ \{\alpha,\ n\},\ \dots\}\) \(\{\dots,\ \{\)atomic formula, integer\(\},\ \dots\}\)


Return the atomic formulas occurring in \(\varphi\) as a multiplicity list. In the output, each \(\alpha\) is an atomic formula occurring in \(\varphi\), and the respective \(n\) is the number of its occurrences.

For obtaining the set of atomic formulas occurring in \(\varphi\) without any counting use rlatl.

Occurrences of the truth values true and false are not listed, because Redlog considers those to be not atomic formulas but logical constants.


rlatml(a = 0 or (b = 0 and b = 0));
rlatml(a = 0 and true);

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